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  • Light + Building is the world’s biggest trade fair for lighting and building-services technology, where the latest solutions, devices and technologies of the electrica
  • This February, has announced a new marketing campaign to promote and spread the use of electric vehicles in Spain. The agreement with the company and the Instalafácil
  • Reactive energy efficiency kit It benefits from the attractive payback of a capacitor bank and features a built-in energy efficiency system.
  • Enter and discover the main features of this unique inverter in its category we has developed some of the most innovative and advanced solutions in the ph
  • Introduction Domestic and industrial loads contain increasing numbers of electronic circuits that are supplied with currents that are not purely sinusoida
  • our Universal Energy Dispenser won the award for the most innovative unit at the OFF-GRID EXPERTS AWARDS. On 25 and 26 September, the OFF-GRID EXPERTS AWA
  • Products
    • Low voltage power capacitor

      Low voltage power capacitor
    • Active power filter

      Active power filter
    • Multifunctional instrument

      Multifunctional instrument
    • CVM-C10

    • Filter reactor

      Filter reactor

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