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The CVM-C10 is a power analyzer for 96x96 mm panels with a compact energy log and four-quadrant measurement (consumption and generation). Suitable for medium- and lowvoltage installations in three-phase circuits with three or four wires, two-phase circuits with or without neutral, ARON connections or single-phase systems.

Display features and interface:

  • Quick display using a single button
  • Capacitive keypad with three keys
  • Backlit high-contrast LCD screen

Other features:

  • Modbus RS-485 serial communications
  • 2 transistor outputs configurable for impulses or alarms
  • 2 relay outputs configurable as alarms
  • 2 digital inputs for selecting three tariffs or detecting logical states
  • Allows for tariff selection through communications
  • Precision class 0.5 in voltage, current and power; 1 in energy


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