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2020/5/22 11:57:00

This February, has announced a new marketing campaign to promote and spread the use of electric vehicles in Spain. The agreement with the company and the Instalafácil programme are key elements in the continued development of charging infrastructures.

Nissan has taken another step on its way to making the electric vehicle and sustainable mobility even more accessible for everyone, signing an agreement today with the electric power company  to provide all new Nissan customers who opt for electric vehicles with the installation of a charging point in their own home or parking space as part of the "Instalafácil" programme.

Nissan is aware of the barriers that currently exist to bringing electric vehicles and zero-emissions to drivers in Spain. The company has therefore launched a new marketing campaign for all its customers to promote the spread of electric vehicles, consisting of three actions:

  1. With the first, called "3 months to change", Nissan will give all customers interested in acquiring a zero-emissions vehicle the chance to try the company's fully electric vehicles – the LEAF and the e-NV200 – for up to 3 months.
  2. Secondly, with the "Long Distance" programme, Nissan will offer drivers of one of its electric models the free use of a combustion engine vehicle for 14 days a year if they want to go on long-distance trips.
  3. Finally, the company will offer the "Instalafácil" service, which includes the installation and management of a charging point in the customer's home or parking space completely free of charge, to a maximum value of 1,000.

The continued development of charging infrastructure is vital to the final roll-out of sustainable mobility. With this new "Instalafácil" service, Nissan aims to offer all its customers who acquire a zero-emissions vehicle the chance to have a charging point installed in their own home or parking space. It is estimated that 90% of the charging requirements for an electric vehicle can be met with a charging point in the customer's home.

a company with more than 40 years' experience in the technology sector and energy efficiency improvement, will be responsible for managing the installation of the charging point in the customer's home or parking space. If necessary, the company can also take care of all administrative procedures with the residents' association.

At the signing of the agreement, Ramon Comellas, chairman of , commented: "At  we are committed to the development of energy efficiency systems that contribute to responsible energy use. The electric vehicle is a major step forward in this respect and we are delighted to collaborate with Nissan to bring users our WallBox eHome charging point and provide access to energy, offering technology to help protect the environment and reduce CO2".

The process for accessing the "Instalafácil" programme is very simple. All customers have to do is fill in a charging point installation request form at the dealership and, within 48 hours, a  authorised installation technician will contact them to arrange a visit during the next few days to provide a quote. Once the customer accepts the quote for the installation of a Circutor charging point (WallBox eHome) and purchases the electric vehicle, the technician will install the charging point in the chosen location. The installation cost, up to a maximum of 1,000, will be directly deducted from the vehicle purchase invoice.

Nissan trusts in experience and technology solutions for this project, as both the charging point and installation processes are fully compatible with Spanish and European safety legislation and have also passed Nissan's strict authorisation controls.


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