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continuing in its constant innovative spirit, offers a new solution in the field of panel mounted Power analyzers.

4-Quadrant power analyzers with electricity consumption measurement and the possibility to view new parameters like cost or CO2 emissions, all on the same screen of the unit.

Its innovative graphic interface, SCV (Slide, Choose & View), allows the unit to adapt to the most demanding needs in terms of data screen display.

The new CVM-B models are Medium/Low voltage power analyzers, with a capacity to be installed in 600kV to 10 kA systems.

ImagenNov-Web-22Larger measurements with class

The 96x96 (CVM-B100) and 144x144 (CVM-B150) formats are monitoring units that are perfect for all special or high prevalence measuring points in electrical installations. Thanks to its well-designed and attractive front panel and its innovative SCV interface, it allows the user to view any parameter in combination with others on the same screen.

More parameters can be measured

The CVM electrical power analyzers allow a wide range of display options for electrical parameters, from voltage, current and power, combined or by phase, decomposition to the 51st harmonic and energy consumption with up to three different tariffs.


Its three touch button keyboard and white light back-lit screen allows users to access multiple data monitoring screens in a quick and simple way by controlling the SCV user interface. This innovative technology applied to industrial measurement units also offers IP65 front panel protection thanks to its one piece seamless design.

Greater viewing clarity

The high contrast and brightness technology used in the graphic display gives these power analyzers a touch of sophistication and modernity in their measurement of parameters in the field.

More on-screen information

The CVM-B series provides the user with more information, as it offers three viewing modes (1, 3 or 4 parameters) for any measured or calculated data with single analogue display, minimum and maximum values for each and with date and time, respectively.


Greater control over what happens in your installation

The CVM-B series integrates a list of the last 50 events (log), allowing the user to detect possible manipulation or interactions with the unit or the installation at a precise moment.
It also has another list of the last 50 activated/deactivated or interlocked alarms, according to the programming of these alarms. Its red high-intensity LED indicator that warns about any parameter with an alarm.

Greater integration capacity of standard units

The CVM-B series integrates 2 inputs for selecting tariffs or detecting logical states, 2 transistor outputs for alarm or impulse creation and 2 relay outputs for alarm control. It also integrates RS-485 communications with Modbus or BacNET protocols.

Greater integration flexibility

The CVM-B series boasts expandable units with up to 4 modules, among which are digital inputs/outputs, analogue inputs/outputs, Modbus/TCP, LonWorks and M-BUS communications, and the possibility of an expansion module with a data log or datalogger with an integrated XML server and WEB server thanks to the PowerStudio embedded platform in the same expansion module.


Designed for energy efficiency

Easier to integrate

Modular and expandable, improve the features

CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 are state-of-the-art power analyzers that are capable of monitoring more than 500 electrical variables and can also efficiently quantify and manage electrical energy consumption. Thanks to its wide range of expansion modules, the analyzer can be adapted to suit all of your needs. Its modularity allows further performance features to be added through its wide variety of expansion modules, with the purpose of achieving full control over any installation.

Modular and expandable

article-cvm-b-entradas-salidas article-cvm-b-modulos-comunicaciones article-cvm-b-data-logger

Input / output modules

Communication modules

Datalogger module

Control your installation and processes:

  • 8 transistor outputs + 8 digital inputs
  • 8 relay outputs + 8 digital inputs
  • 8 analogue outputs + 4 analogue inputs
    (0/4 ... 20 mA)

Adapt your unit to many different protocols:

  • Modbus TCP (bridge)
  • LonWorks
  • Profibus
  • M-Bus

Provides an internal memory:

  • Recordings of more than one year (more than 500 variables)
  • Built-in web server (via IP) with access to embedded PowerStudio via a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or via XML queries for reading and configuration of the analyzer.
  • Capable of reporting all data monitored and recorded to a superior PowerStudio.

Be efficient

article-cvm-b-co2 article-cvm-b-euros article-cvm-b-horas

Quantify the CO2 emissions of your installation. Record the total emissions, by production process or tariff, to generate customized energy efficiency studies.

Control the consumption of the installation in EUROS (or a different currency), either in terms of its total cost , production process or by tariff. You will be able to classify the different costs and anticipate bills or calculate EnPI's.

Control the working time of your devices. This information will help you to anticipate maintenance actions on different machines or installed loads.

Specially designed for you

Billing closure

Quickly compare your consumption with the consumption of previous periods at a glance.

Graphs in real time

Control the evolution of different electrical magnitudes with real time graphs.


Create your own custom screens with the variables you wish to monitor.

article-cvm-b-cierre-facturacion article-cvm-b-grafica-tiempo-real article-cvm-b-personalizacion

Standard integrated functions


Built-in SCV system

Slide, Choose & View


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