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has a standard range of rejection reactors p = 7 %, with a resonance frequency of 189 Hz for 50 Hz networks (or on demand 227 Hz for 60 Hz networks). This is the most frequent tuning value to avoid any resonance of the 5th harmonic and above. The set of capacitors-reactors absorbs part of the current of the 5th harmonic and acts as a rejection filter for higher frequencies. In some installations, other values of p % are required, for example 5.6 % (210 Hz), 6 % (204 Hz), 14 % (134 Hz), etc. CIRCUTOR can build reactors on demand, which will be adapted to any power rating, p %, voltage and frequency.
Low-powered reactors, R type, are built with plates with low losses and are coiled with a copper conductor. The connection is achieved with the adequate terminals. In the case of higher power ratings, RB reactors are used, with a magnetic plate nucleus and multiple steel cores, which offer excellent characteristics and a low loss ratio. Aluminum band coils are used (or copper band, on demand) and the input and output connections run through a plate. Both R and RB type reactors have a vacuum varnish sealing to increase the insulation, providing a greater mechanical resistance and reduce the level of noise.

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