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Bronze medal for efficiency data server EDS-3G
2016/1/21 17:23:32

Completed on 19 September 2013, the International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2013 fair, Bielsko-Biała, Poland, gathered a number of 740 exhibitors from 18 countries of Europe and Asia.

The largest fair in the branch in Central Europe have accumulated exhibitors who were trying to show off their latest machinery, equipment, devices or technologies to enhance the reliability of the electricity transmission and increasing the efficiency of its production and use.

Range of devices and equipment presented was very wide: transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers, current transformers, generators and drives, renewable energy, transmission and processing of information and many other products and services.

Each year the competition for the most innovative product is being organized by ENERGETAB. Of the 54 innovative products entered in the contest this year for outstanding product, competition committee PGE Energia Odnawialna SA awarded a bronze medal efficency data server EDS-3G produced by CIRCUTOR SA.

New Data Logger with built-in Web Server

Auditing 365 days a year

Perfect for energy management systems.
EDS is a simple, powerful industrial device, able to display, through its built-in Web and XML Server, all the electric variables from power analyzers or other field devices directly related to measuring consumption, electricity, water, gas, etc.

Permanent auditor

EDS is the perfect tool for implementing and monitoring ISO 50001 certification systems.


- EDS. Energy manager: es en de fr
- Energy management solutions for ISO 50001 standard: es en de fr


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