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2016/2/16 12:42:15

The main concern with these types of installations is to provide an efficient and fair service to the guest.

Normally, users of campsites and marinas give no thought to the rational use of electrical energy, as in many cases they arrive at their assigned camping pitch or mooring place and use all sorts of power loads without worrying about the electricity they consume, as they pay the same whether they consume a lot or a little.

CIRCUTOR offers a remote meter reading and actuation system via PLC (Power Line Communications), using the existing electric power line for the intelligent management of your meters. These simply need to be connected to the low voltage power network and are automatically detected by the unit that manages the PLC system.

Through this system, campsite or marina managers remotely take the initial reading of the meter assigned to a camping pitch or mooring when a new guest arrives, and activate the electric supply. This avoids potential power theft by other guests connecting their loads in neighbouring pitches. If a water meter is available on the pitches with impulse outputs, the value of the water meter can be read with a PLC impulse concentrator.

Once the guest's stay has ended, the installation managers remotely shut down the electric supply without having to go to the camping pitch. The cost of the energy and water consumed during the stay at the campsite is charged from the main office.


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