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Oil and Gas
2016/2/16 12:29:00

Faced with the challenge of energy efficiency and performance of the installations, the oil and gas industry is implementing substantial changes in its development and operating processes.

The main priority is controlling operating costs (OPEX) with the electric energy management of the uses of the installation, and creating Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) that facilitate this task.

Electrical safety of the systems is as important as controlling the own power of the installation. It directly affects operating costs and, therefore, has an impact on financial costs.

Aware of the importance these companies place on safety and efficiency, Circutor offers a wide range of products that make electric energy management and maintenance of your installation easier, from energy meters to power analyzers, maximum demand control systems, ultra-immunised earth leakage protection, harmonic filtering systems, managementsoftware and reactive energy compensation systems.


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