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Shopping centres
2016/2/16 12:43:59

The operation of shopping centres presents diverse management demands. The main priority is controlling operating costs (OPEX) with the electric energy management of the uses of the installation, creating Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs).

With these measurement systems, shopping centre managers can easily control consumption and quickly and easily establish a comparative benchmark between uses and centres.

We must also take into account maintenance as a necessary factor in operating costs and the service quality offered to users. These are hidden costs that have a direct impact on the installation. Unwanted tripping of the protection elements, overloaded cabling and power transformers, or bad mains quality are problems that can seriously damage the installation if preventive measures and monitoring systems are not established.

CIRCUTOR offers solutions that cover management and maintenance needs in shopping centres based on measurement units, protection elements that can be monitored and remotely controlled, power factor compensation and filtering of harmonics present in the installation.


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