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participated in Energetab 2015 in Bielsko Biala (Poland)
2020/5/22 14:00:16

has participated in the Energetab 2015 Exhibition, in Bielsko Biala (Poland) from 15th to 17th September. Energetab is considered to be the most relevant exhibition of the electricity sector in Poland

as a reference company in energy efficiency solutions, presented its new products and solutions for renewable energy, energy monitoring, earth leakage protection, power factor compensation, harmonic filtering and electrical vehicles recharging solutions.

Of all the products presented in the exhibition, we highlighted the new Wi-Beee, as an innovative product for the measurement of consumptions plus other relevant electrical parameters. We also presented the new CVM-NET4+ for branch monitoring solutions, combining the possibility of measuring single or three phase lines on a single device. For renewable solutions we presented the “PowerBox Hyb” which is a hybrid inverter meant to control the battery loads using a dynamic load control (CDP).

There was a lot of interest for the new range of power analyzers combined with our EMS software PowerStudio, offering the most complete monitoring system. Concerning power factor correction, the new regulator Smart III received a great interest due to the fact that it can measure the reactive power on each phase offering a very accurate power compensation and also has an internal power analyzer to measure a wide range of electrical parameters capable of being displayed on the regulator screen or through PowerStudio software.

Throughout the event there were a lot of visitors at stand. They showed special interest in energy monitoring systems such as the Wi-beee, power analyzers and also the new hybrid inverter.

Hopefully future editions will be as prosperous as the present one.

Energetab 2015


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