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TRAINING >> News >> Do you not yet know the CIRPOWER HYBRID 4K-48 inverter?
Do you not yet know the CIRPOWER HYBRID 4K-48 inverter?
2020/5/22 13:00:12

Enter and discover the main features of this unique inverter in its category

we has developed some of the most innovative and advanced solutions in the photovoltaic self-consumption sector in recent years, leading initiatives and work groups to facilitate the legalisation of installations interconnected to the grid for self-consumption with zero injection.

After revolutionising the instantaneous self-consumption market with the CDP (Dynamic Power Controller), now presents the CIRPOWER HYBRID 4k-48 hybrid inverter.

This 4 kW inverter works like a central system by managing energy flows between solar panels, batteries, power loads and the grid. The unit applies different strategies to adapt to the user's needs. Both isolated and network connected applications.

View of the unit and energy flow display screen

This unit is the perfect blend between functionality and aesthetics, as it has been specifically developed for the residential sector. Thanks to its elongated shape and natural ventilation, with less than 30 dB it is the quietest unit in the market, making it ideal for this sector. The different operating modes allow you to adapt to any user need:

  • Self-consumption (without injection into the grid):
    With this strategy, solar energy is used to cancel the instantaneous consumption of loads. Surplus energy is used for charging the batteries. When generation is less than demand, battery discharge helps to achieve the balance.
  • Automatic:
    In this operating mode the battery is solely intended to power the loads when there is a power failure. Each day, the unit will prioritise a full charge of the batteries if they are not charged. If there is not enough module power, the unit will use the energy from the grid to charge them. Surplus energy will be injected into the grid regardless of the consumption of a home. The strategy is especially recommended for homes frequently cut off from the electric supply.
  • Peak Shaving:
    This strategy allows users to manage the contracted power of their home. The unit works in self-consumption mode with the instantaneous flows and reserves the battery power to cover peak power demand.
  • Isolated:
    The isolated strategy completely disconnects the unit from the grid. The unit has a programmable management function that enables the connection and disconnection of priority consumption depending on the state of charge of the battery.
  • Backup:
    In this operating mode, the user has full battery capacity available when there is a power outage. This function is especially recommended in homes with weak grids. The unit will use the batteries in UPS mode.

Applications and operation:

  • Single-phase measurement of consumption of secured loads in the building
  • DC/DC conversion of energy supplied by the solar photovoltaic modules with maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Regulation of charging/discharging process of battery according to its state of charge (SOC)
  • CAN Bus communications channel to manage its operation with state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries
  • Charge capacity of 40 A / discharge capacity of 80 A on 48 Vdc batteries
  • Single-phase 4 kVA dual DC / AC transducer
  • Management algorithms to achieve zero injection into the distribution network
  • Islanding capacity in case of failures of the distribution lines
  • Download of accumulated data remotely via Ethernet communication channel
  • Graphical touch screen for local configuration and display of energy flows and main operating parameters
  • Remote display of energy flows through Ethernet communication channel

New and value-added aspects:

  • The quietest hybrid inverter in the market thanks to its natural ventilation.
  • Patented tracking algorithm of the maximum power of photovoltaic modules even in a partially cloudy situation.
  • Patented load-transfer algorithm without zero-crossing.
  • Operating capacity as a current generator connected to a grid or voltage generator as an isolated source without zero-crossing switching
  • Incorporation of power control algorithms to prevent injection into the grid
  • Remote monitoring incorporated in the unit through use of a web server

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